Whether we are beginners, amateurs or pros we all experience bad beats, variance and downswings. Sometimes we win, and sometimes we don’t but at least we learn from our errors.

Despite the rules and strategies, Poker is individual to each player. Although there are trends and patterns which players have in common (such as playing styles), during my time playing online, I have found that each player and each situation is specific and individual.

Therefore, even when a player is challenged with negative experiences at the poker table or life in general, each person has their own individual approach to overcome and re-establish a balance.

The magic of November:

I think that how we spend time away from the poker tables is just as important as how we play at the tables, and in this post, I want to address the importance of taking even 5 minutes out of the day (even if the schedule is full from AM to PM), to stop.

As it is the beginning of a new month, there is no better time than November to take the opportunity to stop and meditate.


With technology advancing faster than ever, our schedules are busier than ever, and work becoming more and more demanding, it is so easy to overwhelm ourselves with emotion and overload our minds with information.No wonder some of us struggle with self-control when we face tilt. At the moment I play poker recreationally, and I enjoy reading about strategy and the psychology behind poker, however I get frustrated too sometimes even as a recreational player!

“It's Written in the Stars!”

Historically, the stars have always guided people who were a little lost. Some turned to the stars for navigation, others consulted them for divination, and those who had a more scientific mind, mapped the skies simply to answer questions about the structure of our universe. The point is, every Poker Star (lol) should look up at the night sky – even for one second – because as Carl Sagan (American astronomer) once said, “we are made of star stuff!”

The Andromeda Galaxy

If there is one cluster of stars you should see this month, before or after your MicroMillions session (depending on the time),  it is the Andromeda Galaxy.  If you have experienced a bad beat, or didn’t get as far as you’d hoped in a tournament, just forget about it and look up at the night sky (that's what I do...weather permitting)!

This spiral galaxy is approximately 2.5m light years away and is located within the Andromeda Constellation. I took inspiration from the origins of this constellation for my PokerStars name: In Greek mythology, Andromeda was a princess who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus. She was placed among the stars as a constellation, followed by Perseus and even the sea monster (Cetus constellation).

The Andromeda Galaxy can be seen by the naked eye – I am no expert, so I’ve been using the Night Sky app for about a year, and it has always been pretty accurate in identifying the location of stars/satellites/planets/moons, as long as there is a clear view and I am looking at the right time.


When I talk to other players about poker, they often say that it can get quite lonely, but sometimes even in those instances taking a short break from the online tables, getting away from technology and looking up at a constellation or even spotting a satellite, can bring some sort of enlightenment, whether you're alone or not. 

In poker as well as in life, whenever I feel like I’m not going to make it I remember this:

Have fun at the tables! 

Until next time.