Whilst sitting comfortably in the board room with a cup of tea, waiting for the weekly leadership meeting to begin, my mind wandered away from finance (oops!) and over to the realm of poker!

I made the following speculation:
If I am constantly setting goals and deadlines at the office, surely I can set them for poker too?
And achieve them?!

Needless to say, the meeting was a waste of 45 minutes ~ nothing new or what wasn't already known ~ but I did come up with some ideas and aims to help me become a better poker player!

What draws me to poker is not only that it's a "people" game, but it's a game which always allows you to keep learning and improving.

It's always a learning process!

A er...'poker princess' (LOL), naturally aspires to become a 'poker queen,' so the only way to ascend is to start from the bottom.
Just like I started at the bottom of the financial ladder four years ago!

Here are my goals for this year:
1. Participate in the Open Skill League for practice
2. Complete PSO courses
3.  Review past hands
4. Watch live training sessions at PSO

Overall, my goals are mainly focused on building a strong foundation, and learning as much as I can. I haven't thought about which specific areas are my weakest, but when I evaluate past hands and gain more experience in tournaments and generally playing more poker, it will become easier to identify which areas require improvement. 

For now I am enjoying learning and applying that knowledge to the games. Also, it's a fun way to forget about evil financial charts and reports!!

I will review these goals and document my progress. It's exciting to have poker as a hobby, and now that I am playing more, I am learning that there are many dimensions and layers to this game - a bit like the depiction of consciousness and the unconscious : In this case, the tip of the iceberg is how the media and movies present poker, and the ice deep below water is the strategy, the mechanics and the maths ~ what poker really is.
It is certainly proving to be worth uncovering!

Until next time!