There is a first time for everything. Or so they say! In my case, after some time spent improving my knowledge and insights on the magical realm of Poker, I finally decided to try to play in a tournament.

So, I took part on PokerStars Women's Club 550 tournament yesterday, and overall I can well and truly say, I will no longer be reluctant to participate in tournaments. Yes - it was play money - but productive nonetheless!

Now, the only thing that was at risk here, was my play money stack, however it's quite interesting how many insights I gained from this event. In fact, it gave me a chance to put into practice what I learned from PokerSchool Online.

On more than one occasion I found myself thinking,
"My tournament is over!"
Because whilst I was sitting there, with no more than 200 chips (ahem...yes, some bad decisions) and my opponents in their thousands, it occurred to me that surely the only way to recuperate was to only go in with a strong enough hand to win the pot?
Another aspect of poker that I like, is that to a certain extent it can be unpredictable. So what did I do?
I waited and waited but that perfect monster did not come, and the blinds were increasing. I called with 4 and 10 (boo!)
I guess luck was on my side, as the community cards were in my favour, and managed to connect giving a full house - yes a full house! Managed to win a very handsome pot!

Something I overlooked about tournaments is how you can get to know players if you observe them. Obviously online, you can't rely on body language but as we all know, every bet, every call, and every raise reveals more than a thousand words!

Overall, I think I played quite well and came in 19th position. It may not be a top rank, and yes, it was only play money, but I did enjoy this game and took away a lot from it. It was interesting to see how other players reacted to my style of play.

So far, I am enjoying poker, and something I would like to do in the future is review hands.

Until next time!!