Call. Raise. Fold.
These three words have always been synonymous with 'poker.' In fact, to an outsider those words don't hold much meaning apart from associating them with this game.

Even the cards themselves seem strange and alien ~ but that was before Poker. I  immersed myself in this world,  and little did I know that this was simply not a game of luck or chance. It's not just a bunch of guys playing cards. No ~ this involves dedication, self awareness, and logic amongst other things.

My revelation was when I learned about probability, odds and outs, and strategies. Who knew that a 'simple' card game would be governed by the laws of mathematics? Certainly not I, but that was before Poker.

So there I was, in front of my laptop looking at the basic rules of Poker. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. And the more I was captured by the variations and strategies, the more I was eager to improve how I play this game. Which this game, to many players is their life.

The truth is, for those who are strangers to this game, the significance of Poker does not connect with them. They see betting at a poker table as gambling away their stack, folding or raising as decisions which don't affect the course of the round, and they see the revelation of every community card as pure luck or chance. That was I, before Poker.

A journey to be documented, a tale to be told ~ one which alters the mindset and clarifies misconceptions of what poker really is. It's not just about making the best hand.
It's a way of life ~ self control, self awareness, willingness to keep on learning ~ they are some of the aspects we, as poker players, mustn't forget to own. Whether we like it or not!

A game which requires skill, logic and ability to make quality decisions? Well. I guess I'm 'all in!'

My journey to learn more about this game begins right here, at PokerStars, and until next time have fun at the tables!!