2015 was a pretty amazing year for me which totally eclipsed previous years. At the back end of 2014 i made a few changes i started to force myself to put in much higher volume in short handed formats such as 6 max 4 max and hu i realised that if i wanted to become a top player i couldn't shy away from post flop constant action i needed to get active and force myself to be involved in many uncomfortable spots and be able to deal with difficult decisions i also started to watch more final table replays in the pokerstars client such as the super tuesday and sunday warm up. I'd strongly recommend this. I would watch pros play on twitch too. I've very rarely analysed my hand history's but i did start to frequently discuss hands with friends. In 2010 to 2014 I'd always been a small profitable player and started off here in PSO SKILL LEAGUES with zero bankroll i did a lot right but a lot wrong too and i had a good pre flop game and understanding but  the reason i'm winning more now is because i've massively improved my post flop game and i'm improving my mental game gradually each year I do still tilt but its 90% less than i used to and i've always been good with bankroll management and target a lot of sattelites. I made about $38,000 profit last year on stars and thats the only site i'm playing on i'm over the moon because now i have the opportunity to follow my dreams and have the option to do side events at EPT'S take part in UKIPT and be rolled to do sats to big live events travel and tour the UK So the message is guys is if things arn't working out and your putting in a big enough sample size stop blaming the site or stop blaming bad beats bad luck and instead use time to find ways to improve the fewer mistakes your making the better u'll do in the long run. More wins + more deep runs. Best of luck and skill!


Here are  some of my best results of 2016