I have had many experiences here on pokerstars, some ups, some downs, i guess the good side overrides the bad, having to slog it out when things are going against you, tilt control and not really damaging your bankroll is really important..i wanna build up to what was my best moment playing on stars..


In my first year in poker i was pretty much a break even player, i wasnt agressive enough, more along the lines of FIT OR FOLD POKER.. i had played a lot of mtts so had some experience but was making mistakes so in early 2012 i started watching more videos and taking part in training sessions.. i'd watch EPT PCA SCOOP WCOOP final table table replays a lot on PS.TV. The commentary analysis is great.. After watching tons and tons i started really applying what i had learnt, i felt more confident in my game. My favourite replays to watch would be SCOOP final replays because players would be so deepstacked at the end, it left a lot of room to make moves  always a great observation. i am already excited for scoop and i m hoping i can win a couple of scoop tickets through wbcoop.  I also watch the final table replays on pokerstars showing every hand and hole cards in  TOURNEY > SPECIAL > REPLAYS.. its never going to harm a player to try and watch at least 2 of these replays per week, i really recommend it. Also i would take part in live training on the pokerschoolonline website, the training sessions are cool and i often read the forums to gather information, the community is friendly .

in 2012 i started making final tables in small fields. i kept going deep more often, i felt i was gearing up to something big.. then it came in May 2012 my best moment in poker.. i took down 2nd place in the BIG $4.40  for $3,200+ outta a field of 7,000 + runners. in this game i totally got in the zone, all my knowledge showed. my table reads were good, i won over 95% of my hands at showdown.. my blufffs and 3 bets were well timed and i picked up good chips at the late stage when it was critical that i didnt let the blinds swallow my stack.. Also i have a homegame club, i m manager there, members sit at the playmoney table i created, sit out and we chat poker on a daily basis, railing /supporting eachohers games, that keeps me going often when things really arnt going well, if i need a break from playing i'll rail a friends game and enjoy that.. i had a lot of support on this day when i got this second place, it was 8am in the morning by the time i made the final table and with the support i actually had a lot of energy and wasnt really tired at all despite it being so late. After the game i felt a lot of relief that i'd hit a great score and felt like i could be a force on stars.. the money was nice too..

Now i want to hit one more great score so i can regularly play better mtts with better players, such as the BIG $22 AND BIG $55 i m a big fan of the daily bigs having made final tables now  in the BIG 3 4 AND 5  and had very close final tables in the BIG $8.80 AND BIG $33.. i wanna be able to buy into satalites with good odds for a ticket win within bankroll management guidlelines.. the prizepools are just so tasty, any final table is always going to be a great cash there i enjoy my time on here, the only thing is if we got the americans back the prizepools would be even sicker. I am looking forward to playing the special sunday million this weekend GL to all in wbcoop, reach for the stars!!