Hi everyone!

This is my first post here, i generally don't use this blog feature of the site because my mainly language is not english and as you will see my english is not good so it makes a little bit hard to express myself here . But the reason why i decided to create this post is just to show you the sickest thing that happened to me in a U$3.50 9p SNG.

Well, since last year i've started to play 9p SNG with a U$0.50 limit. In 2015 i decided to play poker only if it will be profit to me so i moved to the U$3.50 limit.

Yesterday i was playing one of them, i was playing two tables at the same moment. In one of them during the tournament the blinds was 75/150, 8 players remaining and i got 44 in the button. I decided to shove to steal the blinds, the SB called me with A4o and took the pot.

At this point you might be thinking: "Oh end of line for him, he is eliminated". But no, i had 23 chips left and then i decided to make this game epic! Off course i didn't expect to keep myself in the game with 23 chips and 8 players remaining but i started to double up my chips and when i did it for the third time i thought: "Wow now i need to win this!"

Then during the game i was tooking very good decisions, i got lucky in some spots and sometimes the dealer helped me, but the thing is that i fineshed this game on 2nd. I was expecting the 1st place but 2nd is not bad considering all this...

I'm sharing with you my hand history just in case you wanna see the whole tournament!

LINK: http://pastebin.com/yzN1Sgv6

Thank you all for reading and GL at the tables!