so i have been playing poke for many years on various poker clients on and off.

i never stake big on cash games and only ever play low level stake tournaments and freerolls.

on my day i can play realy good and finish in some realy good places in big entry tournaments.

i finished 19th out of 17000 in the poker 100k priveledge freeroll last night which i was chuffed about, although if i had held more patience i could of finished higher i believe.

where im at now after joining pokerstars and seeing how big the community is and the wide range of tournaments and cash games is to up my stake, i have this idea that you have to bet big to win big, although i have never done this, the most i have won over the years is £300 tops over multiple cash games.

what are your thoughts? where is best to start for example cash games?or tournaments? i find i suit tournaments more as i do play quite loosely but the thrill is in a cash game i believe. 

i guess im stuck between the thrill and actualy wanting to win a substantial amount of money. 


on another note pokerstars is probably the best poker client i have used over the years, alot of the online bookmaker poker clients dont offer the variety that it does here so thats a bonus.


this was my first blog so apologies for the subject being all over the place.

more to come over time as i enter some bigger tournaments and cash games