I have been playing online poker at Poker Stars since two years. Initially I never knew what Poker was. I thought it was some kind of a game.  I heard about poker when Shane Warne, world class cricket player and legend, who played for Australia, took to Poker when he retired from International Cricket. There was news about his involvement in poker Casinos.  One day there was some article in the local newspaper about online poker and about people earning from these games. There was mention of list of online poker websites, one of them was Poker Stars. I wanted to try poker as I wanted some extra income to make my ends meet. I am a local businessman involved in trading of industrial consumable products catering to local Industries in my city.


Initially I played poker for about a year. I was playing all sorts of games and all varieties without focusing on any one type of game.  I was playing sit n go single tables 6 players, 9 players and Head to head tables. I was playing 100K tables, I was a bit successful as I used to end in the money but not sufficient enough.
I stopped for about six months; then again I started playing since one and a half months. When I played initially, I read the poker skill lessons at Poker Stars and was implementing them in the games. I never reached above 10,000 in rank in Poker School Open Skill League before.


When I again started playing in the Poker School Open Skill league from middle of July 2013 I finished on 1105 position in rank. My belief in poker has increased since then and strengthened my mental attitude that I can make something from poker. I was making and losing too ‘cause of bad beats. But I was doing well at MTT’s and Poker School Open Skill Leagues. The results are there as proof, you can check my ranks at Poker School Open Skill Legue since JULY 2013. Hence, I decided to play in MTT’s only since it suits my game and style of playing. But still I am long way from being perfect Poker Player. Still learning the game.  This month my present rank is 84 as on 9th Aug.13. That is a massive improvement on my past performance.  THAT IS I AM  IN THE TOP 100 RANKS.  The present ranks have come because of focus and concentration, strict adherence to what has been taught at Poker School. Still I feel there is a lot to learn from Poker School. My aim and goal is to reach the top rank in the next seven days. Sometimes I face some bad beats while playing and was evicted midway losing steam on my points table. I always plan and re-strategize my game and not to repeat the mistakes I made while playing. Sometimes I get carried away with the flow rather than any tilt factor. I will post some of my hands played at Open Skill League in the future.

That’s all for now folks. Keep looking for updates on the above topic which I am sure will be interesting to you. I will post some of the outstanding hands I have played at Poker Stars.