Hello ya'll! I am happily married and where I live I am surrounded by the serenity of the Rocky Mountains. My introduction to poker was online after I saw a commercial on tv about pokerstars. I have played live a few times at ring tables and a few tournaments and hopefully will strive to get better and be able to broaden my opportunities to play live. I am very excited with start of the PSO League! There is alot of valuable information here and I hope that it will help me to bring up my skill level as I do hope it will bring up yours. That may sound a bit strange but I wish no one ill will because I believe it will come back to you tenfold. In the few PSO freerolls I have played I have met some nice people who are btw also good players so that just goes to prove that you don't have to be an idiot to others which is just my opinion and not a point I am going to argue about. I have never blogged before (I tried posting this yesterday but for some reason it wouldn't so I hope this isn't a double post) so I hope this is a sufficient beginning. I wish everyone good luck and good skill at the tables and much prosperity and happiness in your lives.