As I expected I didnt have much time this month to play as I wanted so thats why I ony played 250 SNG tournaments. My original goal was to play 50 a day but I was way off that number!
I only played 10c SNG this month and some 0.25$ and the resulats was ok, I'm up 16,74$ out of 250 tournaments, so average profit per tournament is 0.06c if I'm not mistaken.
On the other hand I decided to play some cash games to and that was big mistake.
All profit that I made playing tournaments I lost playing cash games, well variance can kill man LOL!!!
But ok at the end of the month I still was up thanks to MTT's where I was standard with solid profit and thanks to the positive variance :mrgreen:
So last month I finished with bankroll of 23,27$ and this month after big roller coaster I finished with small profit so my total bankroll now is 28,70!

And after some thinking I decided to stop this challenge till next year when I will have more time to play (right now I have two jobs and not that much time to play)!

But to keep my game at some noraml rhythm I'm going to try one new challenge and I hope that I will not go bankrupt before the end of it LOL :lol:
Its simple I have 28,70$ at my bankroll and I will try to play 250 000 hands at cash tables till the end of this year, I will post regular updates of my progres and I hope that I will make it to the end!!!
So its only 61 day till the end of the year so that means that I will nead 4098 hands per day to finish my challenge!
I would love to hear yout thoughts about this to please wright!