As I thought this month will be very diligent in my work so I will not have much time to play poker. But I managed to find some time to play a certain number SNG tournaments but I’m not satisfied with the results. So after some thinking I decided to play cash games most of the time.
That decision proved correct as I quickly realized that the games are so soft and easy to play plus there is tone of donks that is ready to give all they money to me!!!
So after two weeks of play in this month this is the results at the start of my challenge:
-          I only played 24 0.10$ SNG (as I sad didn’t have much time), cash in 3 of them so results are bad there.  Well to be honest I run super bad at these so this is most I could do! I will have much more time next week so I will play 300-400 of these if I could.
-          I played several MTT and as usual cash in most of them, but no special results only solid 77 place from 3892 in Sunday 0.10$ Facebook Poker League.
-          As I told I put most of my time in cash games and results are great +10$ after 3000 hands!

So after last month I had 9,28$ and after two weeks of this month I have 23,27$ at my account! Solid start!!!