After first thirty days on Poker Stars I must say that I feel rely great, my game this month was solid and my results where also ok.
This month I decided to play only freerolls and try to collect as much money as possible.
I selected to play only PSO, Facebook Poker League and Central & Eastern European Poker League Division 3 tournaments because I saw that they offered me many opportunities to made some cashes.

Poker School Online - On PSO I didnt play as much as some other players like to do but still I played around 50 tournaments, and made some solid results. My best place so far is 85 but I think that can be much better so I will try to be better next month.
I collected 1854 points and I'm on 1400 place for now (still two days of play remaining), and my thoughts are that next month I should be in first 500 without any major problems!!!

Central & Eastern European Poker League Division 3 - This league started well for me, after two tournaments played I was able to win ticket for the Division 2, but that was all for this month. 
After that tournament I didnt was no longer even close to win ticket for the next Division 
At one point I thought I might been cursed!!!

Facebook Poker League - This is where all my good results came for this month :mrgreen:
In the freeroll fb tournament I was able to win around 25-30 tickets for the 0.10$ fb tournament!
0.10$ tournaments where good place to try to play for some money and it turns out thats I was right, because my best result for this month came here in this tournaments, I was able to finish 5th in one of them!

To summarize the results after all this tournaments I was able to win 9.28$ and now I can start my personal challenge! 
Some of you will now think " here's another one that starts with his personal challenge" :-D  but I can assure u that this is goig to be fun.
Ony problem for me will be time because I have my regular job but I still hope that I will be able to play as much as possible.

And one small reminder my challenge should be something like this so wish me luck!!! :wink: