After brief thinking, I decided to write blog about my last night feelings and emotions on the final table at the 0.10$ Facebook Poker League tornament. Just short notice, I must tell u that I started to play at Poker Stars 1st this month so this great result so far :mrgreen:
So what to tell about tournament general?!
Well generally I think that all tournaments from FB Poker League are great and that they giving great opportunity to players with small bankroll to play nice tounaments with solid price pool not thinking about jeopardizing they bankroll! Also good thing about them is that u can learn many new things just by playing them because I saw some gret playes on tabels plus u can try some new strategy, so all in all good job by people in Poker Stars making this great tournaments!
But lets go back on my last night tournament, I was happy with my play generally, maybe I can change some things in my play (be more aggressive) but for now  this game looks like wining formula :lol:
Final table was pretty easy because we had one crazy megalomaniac who was raising and reraising with all things (27, 38, 2T... things like that) and all the time he would get lucky and knock one player after the another, so after few minutes we left with five players at the tame, with me beeing 4th in chips.
And after that this hands came:

I know this guy is crazy so I decided to push all in because I know that he will call me there with any two, which is really ok by him because he have dominant cheep lead in that moment!

The following hand after this double up was my most sickest thing on this tournament and great cooler :-?
So ok I watch this guy even before final table,and I know he is crazy playing 70% hands or even more all the time and I know that in some point I will have him dominated, and then this hand cames:

When I saw that he raising pre flop I was so happy, because I knew that he will call me in 70% of the cases but I was little scared because he is manic on this table and I saw him hitting so many times before. So ok when I saw the he was calling with 36 I was ok, because I know that I'm favorit pre flop something like 80:20 butalso because I had good feeling and when I saw 3 on the flop all that good feeling was gone, because I know he must hit 

So the thing I would like to know is what other people think about his pre flop all in, because I personally dont like it just because he risking 1/3 of his chip stack and if he loose he is allowing me to get close to him, essentially he is loosing all domination that he had on this table!!!
So ok I went out in 5th place wining 6,49$ which is great considering that the buy in was only 0.10$ :mrgreen:

PS. I hope that I wasn't to boring with this first blog!!! :lol: