I was playing a 180ppl sit n go tourny earlier,
being 2nd big stack, there are 19 people left, so it is at the bubble point.
I was so concentrated on the game, I didn't realize it was that money or no money had came.
Jst to let you know, the biggest stack only covers me by 2k, and our amount added togethor would still be more than the rest of the 17 players.
So here is my theory of thinking
There are 3 caller, so I bet out 5k, which overs all of their stacks.
Biggest stack being the big blind, probably think I have some marginal hand trying to steal some blinds.
He pushes all in, everyone fold to him, down to me.
I thought about laying it down, because he had me covered. (I still didn't know it was the bubble point)
But hey if i can lay down As preflop might well just stop playing poker right?
I called, he turn over 44, and I have AA
well don't need the rest of the story, my AA was cracked hard.
I was pretty chocked, when it happenned. Not because my AA got cracked, its because I was one place from getting some kind of money, instead of none.

I cooled myself down and start giving some thought.
Since our stack sizes are so big, we are pretty much gaurnted to be in the first 5 place, unless so stupid thing happened.
Would it be a good decision to lay the As down at that point of the game, just to be coward but look for the money?
I mean we play poker for the money right? run it like a business, not just getting the thrill of bluffing or making great calls.
Would it be justisfy to lay down those As at that moment just because you want the blinds to kill others, instead of gamble it with someone who got you covered?