I was playing a quick SB at a varly tight table, medium stacks
blinds are still at 15/30
holding 99 UTG, 4 caller pre flop, no raise
Flop: 9AA rainbow

I bet out 100, about a pot size bet,
UTG1  reraise to 200
Button calls
I am thinking they both hold an A each probably not suited or high card since they didn't raise preflop
so I reraise it up to 400
UTG1 Reraise to 600
Button calls pushes all in with same amount of money as me, UTG1 overs us by 50
instant call for both me and UTG1

card open UTG1 A8, Button A4

River comes am 8. UTG1 take the pot.

Well I knows the odds and outs, I am not sure if i should have slow play it, or push all in in an early pharse of the SNG like that, or just merely lay it down?