Well what can i say.

I am tired of joining the free-rolls for practice as i think it will just screw my head over for playing at real tables.

Every time we get these people trying to double and triple their chips right away from start.

That upsets me to no point and after ten minutes i usually get fed up and go all in just to get out of the table.

Yes..i did it from the start myself and now realized its just a losers way to PRETEND they are playing a game of real holdem.

I find the only way i can enjoy learning poker is to actually pay my way in each tourney or sng.

I want to hone my skills enough to keep me alive at live casino and eventually go for the big tourneys in a few years.

...If earth is still around...

I am finding now with hours of patience i can usually come out in third or second and even once 1st.

And i am seeing my strategy as minor as it is actually working, very weakly but working.

I run my own taxi service and sit at the pc for hours anyways so with a couple of years practice i am hoping to give up my miserable day job

Good luck all!