The law of average will always come to play.. Our aces may lose to a mediocre 93 hand but the aces will always be the best hand pre flop. but there are situations that we have to fold our aces, and thats why we have to learn the rudiments of the game and build a solid foundation and go to the next leve,l the advance techniques. 

     Another thing is to pour hundreds of hours playing and put everything we learn to practice and perhaps achieve mastery? Im so glad Pokerstars gives us this exposure without risking too much money through freerolls and micros. Here we can learn, practice and discover the things they teach in their courses and live trainings.

     We cannot overlook the value of playing the game right in order for us to succeed. Most of these poker superstars are fundamentally sound they are playing the game right. only they have so much experience on their side that they know when to use the more advance techniques in a given situation.