Was thinking about the latest promo * ULTIMATE * from stars, what works for some but can't work for the many ie GRINDING LOTS OF HOURS , PLAYING LOTS OF TABLES & WITH VPPs BEING KING.

That is fine for winning players with a nice big fat Bankroll so with that in mind gonna forget everything I know about BRM rules and  MOVING up to the next level at certain points I can't make it work that way.

At the moment I have $12.50 in my poker account am going to resist depositing ever again that's the money borrowed part because it's spare funds that you hope to put back.

Right the money earned part, starting with the $12.50 giving myself a week to double up to $25 then 2/3 week to get to $50 and so on, moving  time scales up as needed taking lots of small steps to get where I want to be.

No end target  so will be ongoing, poker  at my level should be fun and have a more cottage industry  less sweatshop feel to it.