Started playing poker a year ago doing what most newbies do, I guess sign up with two or three sites  for the bonuses and learn nothing.


I came in to poker as a gambler thinking four months and the game of poker would be mine king of the hill, top dog and playing with the best of the best.

 After wasting 8/9 months playing on a small site I bite the bullet and joined PSO after getting past the fact that pokerstars ain't the big scary place that it first seems.

 I have started rebuilding my game from the ground up and in the 3 months  with the help from live training, videos, helpful staff & community members I am a better player


Looking forward to 2014 will get to play on stars the whole year and with that in mind my targets are make silverstar hit a few final tables ain't won a MTT yet  but I live in hope.Back to the present, Oct has been more down than up the highlight was going into the very last open league tourney needing to improve over 640 places to get in the money  and getting there  final standing 1996 a full 4 places to spare, am in a happy place at the moment.