I won my first PSO Tournament yesterday!  The 5:30 EST tourney had 1490 players, and a little over 5 hours later, I watched the chips go from the middle of the table to my stack, which is a really cool feeling.

I've won tournaments before, SNG's and a few satellites.  But I've never won a tournament of this size and with players that were this good.

I spent a good part of the tournament - about 1 1/2 hours, at the same table as a couple of very well known names here in PSO - Moxie Pip and II CoTe II - and learned a few things.  One is that while I play a fairly tight game, I'm much more aggressive with my chips that the top players, which leaves me something to think about.

After the bubble, CoTe busted out and our table was split up.  By the time we got to the final 13, I was the short stack, which for the most part is the position I maintained through the end.  In fact, with just three of us left, I was at a decided disadvantage with less than 10BB compared to about 18BB and the big stack with over 30BB.

I was patient, yet aggressive, and that combined with the relative passivity of the big stack considering his advantage gave me a shot, and I pulled it off.  I'm now in the top 200 in the League as well.

I didn't play a perfect game, and I had two hands where I caught a bit of lady luck to win, one with just 10 players left when I was short stack with just over 5 BB when I pushed all-in with pocket threes and was beat when my opponent got a Q on the flop for a dominate pair - until I caught the river 3 for trips.

But I'm very excited to have what I consider my biggest tourney win so far under my belt and am really happy to be in a good position in the League.  I have to go out of town for a conference today and won't get back until Sunday just in time for the 1/4 Million, so I won't be playing and will likely drops some by the time I jump back in on Monday.

Good luck at the tables everyone!