I had a really bad February in PSO.  I still feel like I played my hands well, but some of the beats I got (a few of which I've chronicled on my blog) just meant it wasn't my day -- or week -- or month.

So I took some time off from PSO tourneys at the end of last month and the beginning of March.  I concentrated on SNG's (which I am now consistently making money in) and reading some MTT books and watching videos.

Came back yesterday and played 2 PSO tourneys and 1 this morning.  Gained points in the tourneys yesterday and made top 100 this morning.

I know that I was tilting at the end of the month (or at least expecting to lose), so I think I did the smart think in taking a couple of weeks off and coming back fresh.  And I especially am happy that I used the time to try to learn some new things.

So here we go.  Lets see if I can finish in the money in PSO this month.