In my last post, I talked about how I went from $70 to $30 in my account with bad play, not really knowing what I was doing, and not having a plan.

My plan to get back to zero - being back to the original $70 I had deposited, was to concentrate on $.25 MT SNG's and single table SNG's, playing smart, strong poker.

Well, I did it.  As of last night, not only had I made it back to $70, but I was at $72!  That's a $42 increase in 3 weeks.  I'm getting really comfortable with the single table SNG's to the point that I finish in the money much more often than not, and will continue to concentrate on these games.

As for PSO League, I've been stinking it up this month.  My play has been good, but I just seem to keep getting knocked out by some unbelievable hands.  I'll play the occasional PSO League game, but I feel like I need to learn much more about MTT play before concentrating on it.

Regardless, I'm really happy to be doing so well monetarily this month, and hope to continue my upward swing.