I'm not off to the greatest start in PSO.  Yesterday I had my best finish of the month, and it was 518th.  The thing is that when I go back and look at my hands and do replays, there's only one hand in five tournaments that I feel like I misplayed badly, so I'm sticking with it.

But yesterday, in the early part of the tournament, I lost a good part of my stack in the 3rd level when a player that I'll call "S" re-raised my middle-position raise of AKo from the small blind.  Now I've seen this player, however briefly before, and so far at the table "S" was staying true to form - he loves his Aces.  Pocket rockets or A2o, he just loves the way that ace looks, and by God, he's going to get all in with it.

So knowing this, and having him covered by about 600 chips, I called his all-in, and sure enough, it was my AK up against his A9.  Flop comes up with nothing, turn the same.  But of course, because it's February and I'm not off to a hot start, and perhaps because I live on a farm and I haven't sacrificed one of my bulls to the Poker Gods, we all know which card hit the river and left me sitting with 600 chips.

Now, I'm not one to really get upset, much less tilt, over things like this.  I've played micro stakes poker long enough to know that it's going to happen, and that I can still come back quite strongly with my 12BB stack, so no worries.

But I'll be honest - when I watched the chips that I so generously gave over to "S" for his care be given away to the rest of the table over the next 5 minutes while he went from 2500 chips to out in 1,000th or whatever place because his nice hit apparently led him to believe that his A9 all-in was a great move and he's going to not only bet every ace, but that all face cards are pretty enough to play, I found myself quietly muttering under my breath.

So, to my fellow PSO players that like to play the pretty cards - I'm all for it.  Have fun.  But when you hit that 3 on the river or whatever and take a bunch of my chips, do me a favor.  If you're going to just give them all away again, at least be nice enough to give some of them back to me.  :-D