Even when the chips are way down. 

I entered satellite tonight to the PSO monthy 1K added.  79 players were in, top 4 got into the tourney, 5th got $6.50.  Buy-in was $.50.

I did just fine through the first three levels, only playing a few premium hands pre-flop and picked up a few chips.  In level 4, though, I made a questionable re-raise all-in with AKo while in the BB, and another player who had originally limped called me along with the original raiser.  I had them both covered, but barely.

The original raiser shows QQ and the other caller shows KTs.  Flop comes down with no face cares, and I'm down to 210 chips with over 50 players still in the tourney.

Two hands later, I pick up A7s and after a limper push in my "stack" and BB and limper calls.  It holds up as Ace high, and I'm back up to just under 700 chips.  I play a couple more hands pretty well, and before I know it, I'm the #2 stack in the tourney.

I didn't end up in the money - I finished in 11th place.  But outside of my AKo re-raise, I felt good about all my hands and feel like I played well.  But I'm especially happy that I didn't throw up my hands when I was down to 2BB early on.