Decided to give the EPT Live Free roll a go the other night. They were noot giving away an EPT ticket as such, but cash instead like a regular free roll.

Thought I played pretty well, Placed 12th out of 30,000 people. This got me a nice $5.62 for my efforts

The hand I went out on was pretty standard, Shoved AK UTG with around 10 BB, the Big Blind Called for his entire stack with 44. I missed. With 1 BB remaining I was automatically all in on the Big Blind with J6, but wasnt lucky enough to double up.

Quite enjoyed the tournament even though there was lots of runners which made it tough to place high.

Middle stages of the tournament I had to take advantage of every spot just to make it further. As blinds and antes were pretty high, I just bumped up the agression, raising every Small Blind when Blind on Blind, Shoving the Big Blind when it was limped to me, Shoving the Big Blind when only the small Blind limped, Raised every Button. If I got played back at, and I had nothing, then i would fold of course, just because I opened for a raise doesn't mean I'm ging to gamble my stack for the tournament.

After the Bubble I noticed players still playing Tight as a 2745 Places didn't pay much, only $0.13, which is ok in ROI terms but I wanted a decent finish, and I'm guessing they did too. So I kept to the same play, just taking advantage of my position and the other players at the table.

Closer to the final table I decided to tighten up as first place paid $168.48, which would be an awesome bankroll starter for me as I currently am unable to deposit. (Unemployed).

I was a bit dissapointed I placed 12th but realized that aint too bad considering the field of players.

I will be using this money to place micro SNG's to hopefully build up a bankroll.

I Reckon I'll be playing $0.10 360mans as the $0.25 90man/45mans are to high for the bankroll management structure I want to stick too. (30 Buy-ins). Obviously if my bankroll reaches above $7.50 I will play the $0.25 sng's, but once it goes below I will drop back down to $0.10 360mans.

I will also still be playing the astronomer free rolls trying to bag a round 2 ticket (only have 1 so far), and also the Open Skill League.

Thanks for reading, If anyone has any advce on $0.10 360man  SNG's I would appreciate all the help I can get.