Hi all

Decided to put part 3 and 4 in one section as played them both around the same time.

Unfortuately it was  busto for both. Made a nice  $4.41 on my 1st of 5 qualifiers but not so lucky after that. I was playing pretty much the same, just getting my chips in flipping situatins and ended up losing.

In qualifier 3/5 I came 81/199. Heres the hand i went out on below:

My opponent was opening pretty wide and getting lucky to get his chip stack against the other players. I Elected to 3bet here as I have a very tight image and may pick up some much needed blinds and antes. He time banked and then called. I used the find a player feature and he was only on 1 table, so in my opinion he had a marginal hand as he just called. The way he was playing I reckon he would 4-bet with 1010 - AA.

I made a purposely sized bet on the flop, aiming to fold if i was put all in, wanted to make it look how it was so my opponent may play more straight forward. He just called. At this point all I thought was he has a draw, I don't think he was folding to my all in, but there was a lot of chips in the middle and I didn't want to let him see the river to beat me for free.

Turns out he had KQ, probably time banked preflop because he knew he was likely behind but decided if he hits hes going all the way.

Seems like the every hand limpers are making all the profits, capitalizing of each other from whoever gets the luckiest.

In qualifier 4/5 I placed 60/215. Heres the hand I went out on below:

Could of opened for a standard raise but the Big Blind was quite short, and had the Small Blind tagged as a donk, so as he had a lot of chips he may call with worse - which he did.

Hopefully I can get that 1st place finish in 5/5 or at the very least top 3.

Im currently ranked 447 which is far off target from the top 200 spot I wanted. Doubt I will get an invitation to the premier skill league this month but  will try my best in the last tournament and at least get some money.

Will let you know how I fair in 5/5.

Good Luck all, see you at the tables