Evening All


I gave tournament number 2/5 of the Premier Skill League Qualifier's a go on Sunday evening.

As I did quite well In my first tournament played I decided to make one change - Try to take advantage of the early tournament limpfest, as last time I pretty much folded throughout the early stages, and felt I had missed on a fair bit of value early on.

Unfortunately this didnt work out too well. Neadless to say i only played 2 hands, the 2nd of which was pretty standard but the first one has been kindly analysed and I will post them below:

At the time I was seeing a lot of limpers early on again, players limping with hands like K4 os from early position, flopping 3rd pair with the '4', calling pot bets until they call an all in on the river. Was hoping to take advantage of these weak players early on.

Once my oponent has called my bet he has something, maybe its a draw, maybe a weaker hand / stronger hand, or maybe even the same hand. At the end of the day I only had 1 pair and there are a lot of bad cards that can come on the turn and river, especially if my oponent is playing any 2 cards.

Best to keep the pot small because if my oponent is making large bets then I'm probably beat, then I should let it go and wait for a better spot. Though I will be needing to balance my range so that from time to time I play the hand the same way with 2 pair, a set + so that I get paid in the future.

'The way I should of played this hand was to make a pot bet on the flop, then check-call a small bet on the turn, and fold to a large one. And check-Folding the river. '

The 2nd hand I played was pretty standard, just a bit dissapointing:

Well that concludes Part 2 I will keep you all updated on my progress .

Good Luck All, See You At The Tables