Hi Peeps



Played number 1/5 of my premier skill league qualifier tournaments on friday.

Was quite excited to see some decent play but unfortunatley the early to middle stages was a huge limp fest and didnt get to see many flops as was slightly card dead, but made the best of what I had, stuck to Tight Agressive for the early to middle stages of the tournament, and it got me to a few hours-in, with slighty above average chips.

Later in the tournament I decided to loosen up slighty, put in a few steals here and there, and taking advantage of the loose players that have rocked up close to the bubble. - which definetely paid off.

Near the payout I decided to play semi-tight, just taking advantage of blind stealing on the button and the blinds if I thought I could get away with it.

Unfortunately I got disconnected for 15 minutes 1 place before min-cash :S Once I reconnected I only had 3 Big Blinds, but neadless to say I had made the min-cash payout

I made a couple of loose all-ins to get chipped back up (Although I was the slight favourite each time) and was able to get a decent size stack again. (Not compared to the blind levels but compared to the final table average).

Throughout the final table I noticed alot of limps in position, floats and steals, as the blinds were so high compared to our stacks, im guessing my oponents felt they had to get involved or get blindied out.

I still decied to stick to premium hands and medium - high pairs so that it gave me a chance to get that top 3 payout I wanted- hopefully 1st.

In the end I came 6/84 for $4.41 from the $1.10 investment. Was a strange spot where I picked up 88 on the Big Blind, with 8-9 BB starting chips. A loose UTG min-raise and a smooth call on the button, both players had around 15 BB. I decided to move all in as I felt flat calling for 1/3 my stack was very risky, and the chips in the middle could put me in good stead for that 1st place finish im looking for. I felt likely the UTG raiser would fold due to playing history (which he did) and then the button would probablly fold with him just calling looking to see a flop in position. Also with our stack sizes it puts them to the test, as if they lost they would have little chance at making a comeback. Unfortunaly he looked me up with 99 and that was that.

I didnt much like his smooth call on the button for  about 1/4 of his stack and I doubt he was expecting me to go all-in with worse because of how tight I had been playing. He did think for a while but at the end of the day if he was going to call an all in, maybe its best to go all in yourself in that spot, not hope for a low flop, and hope the UTG raiser doesnt have a higher Pocket Pair.

After the tourney ended I took the 22 spot in the ranking, but after a couple days of no play i've dropped to 131. Hopefully I get that big finish for a nice payout and a boost in the ranking.

I will be giving number 2/5 ago soon and I will blog again about my progress.

GL all and see you at the tables