Hi all

Im currently playing the Open skill league freeroll. Blinds 60/120 with 10 ante: starting stack 4220.

I am dealt Ks Kd in the big blind. 2 players limp and the button min-raises. I go all in.

I decied to do this as it was a very active table, a lot of multi way limped pots, and I was pretty sure I would be playing the hand 4-way out of position if I made a standard raise. Also the button was an extremely loose player calling all in bets with hands like 9 10 os etc, and from his min-raise I felt he had a pretty looking hand, so I was confident he would call my all in.

Turned out I got 4 callers and not a very nice flop or turn. After the action on the flop I was sure that at least one of my oponents had a Ace, maybe even Ace King which hinders my chance of winning.

As the remaining player got his chips in on the turn, our cards got flipped ready for the river. I was pretty disgusted and seeing that the original raiser had a King and I was dead to 1 out!

Here comes the river.... KING!!!

Just over 16k in chips with around 2k players remaining, Lets Do This!