Blinds 400/800 with 75 ante: starting stack 16,416.


Pick up AA UTG+1 and open with my standad raise of 2.2BB as antes are  now in effect:

Pretty wet flop so decided to bet 67% of pot as only had 1 caller pre-flop. He flat called then a 2nd 10 came on the  turn. As my oponent could of had KJ or a straight draw I put him all in on the turn for value. I thought it was unlikely he would call me with bottom pair on the flop for 1/3 of his stack and I  was wrong.

Dont know if I should of just check/folded the turn as im guessing he would of gone all in anyway, if not the turn then probably the river.

Shortly after I got my remaining 5BB in with Ac 5s once folded to me on the cut-off, flopped the nut flush draw and a up and down straight draw, (346 clubs on flop), my opponent had Ace 3 and I missed everything.