Hi currently playing the PSO skill League freeroll tournment and lost 2/3 of my stack on this hand.


It is quite early on, it is folded to me in late position so I make it 3x with 5d5c and get 3 callers.

See hand below:

I didnt put either of them on the flush on the turn although it was possible, and the tiny bet from my oponent told me he just had a King, but the other oponent may have a 1 club in his hand, so I decided to raise to protect my hand.

It wasn't until the river that I no longer had the best hand but should I have just called the small bet on the turn to see what the other oponent does? Or maybe just folded once the 3rd club came?

Just got my remaining chips in with AKos, guy calls with 10s5s and turns trip 5's. I river a King but no help.