1245 in chips, blinds 25/50.


At ths point I have been completely card dead and folding for 45 minutes. I am dealt Jh Ad on the button. An agressive bigstack raises to 200 in late position. This player is entering alot of pots limping and raising, but its payng off for him. As I have an extremely tight player image I decide to 3-bet in position to try and take it down pre-flop as I have a strong hand and I was Probably infront of his range ( based on previous hands he was raising and got to showdown ).

He decided to call, at this point I am putting him on a hand like Ax or KJ / K10, maybe a small pair. Something ok but not great. The flop came Qh 3c 6d. As this point he moves all in. Now I start to think about what hand he is puting me on that I can call with, but my mind swayed to the thinking of what hand I cant call with - which was a big mistake on my part. 

I talked myself into thinking 'he's putting me on AK' - so why would he shove? He's either got a small pair and wants to get it in - but why not put me all-in preflop? ( hes happy to get all his chips in Prefop with K10 so why not a small pair? ), Or maybe he has nothing at all, doesnt think i've hit and is trying to bully me off it. This was a big mistake on my part as even really loose players can wake up with a hand! 

Check out the hand below:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I decided to make the Hero call and that was the end of it. 

I would appreciate any help, and I will try not to level myself in future