I played last nights PSO Freeroll and bust out again. There was around 3000 runners left out of a starting 10,000. Heres the hand below:

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

The blinds were 60/120 and I pick up AQ UTG. My stack was 1740. I probably should of gone all-in but decided to min-raise to try and see a flop because the majority of the table were hyper agressive lose players, and example of this is calling all in's prefolp with King-rag hands (suited) for the majority of their stack and shoving flops with backdoor gutshots and flush draws. 

Anyway the flop came Ts Qs Jd. The pot was 1160 and I opted to bet 780. At this point with top pair top kicker and the fishy table I decided to try and commit on the flop as I was sure I would definetly get called by worse. 1 player then goes all in for another 725 and anothe player also calls the total 1505 bet. As i said these 2 players are very bad and I felt I plikely have the best hand, but I am commited regardless. So I call for my remaining 710 chips.

player 1 turns over KJ for 2nd pair and a straight draw, and the 2nd flopped 2pair J10.

After the hand I regretted not going all-in preflop although based on my oponents calling all-in PF range I am 100% sure I was getting called by those same 2 players and the outcome of the hand would of been the same regardless. The only difference being I would of got my stack in good instead of behind which says it all really.

I would appreciate any help with this hand on how I could of played it better.