Unfortunately I busted out very early in tonights PSO Freeroll. These are the only 2 hands I played.


Hand 1: As Qc

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

I was dealt As Qc in the big blind. There was 1 limper and the small blind completed also. I like to raise 3x in all positions plus 1 for every limp, although I generally don't count the small blind as I assume they will have to fold to a raise after only completing. So I make it 240 and suprisingly I got 2 callers! The flop came Jc Js 5h. I decided to check this flop although I likely have the best hand I am still out of position to one caller and have no informtion about his hand other than he limped and called my raise. Pot is 720 - Everyone checks and we see the turn which is 8c. The small blind now leads out for 180. This is a quite a small bet and with the turn bringing flush and straight draws it was possible he wanted to see the river for cheap. As I still had 1 other player behind I decided to call as I may still have the best hand. Unfortunately the player behind me called also. At this point I have totally given up on the hand unless I hit an Ace or Queen on the river and the bet is small enough for me to call. Pot - 1260, the river brings 10c at which point I am check folding regardless. The small blind leads out for an ultra thin 120 bet ( i'm guessing a hand like 89 suited ), I fold and the original limper smooth calls. Turned out the original limper had 8s Ks and turned 2 pair ( I imagine he was looking to flop a flush and not get paid, or give me his chips if I had AK and we both flop top pair), and the small blind had 9h 9c. Credit to him for winning the hand but I cannot help but feel he played it incredibly deceptiive pre-flop and very weak and obvious post-flop. The player was silverstar level and im guessing he knows what he's doing, so maybe I should just be set mining with 9's and try and see a flop as cheap as possible im not sure?


Hand 2: 9h Qh

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

The very next hand I am dealt 9h Qh in the small blind. After 3 limpers I decided to limp also as I am getting 9/1 on a call, providing the big blind checks, and I may hit a decent flop. Stack 980, Pot - 300, The flop comes Qd 2s 10h. Not a bad flop although there is a straight draw so I decided to bet 120 to protect my hand, at which time I got 1 caller. I could be dominated but unlikely with the pre-flop limp from my oponent. Pot - 540, The turn brings 2h. I felt this was a good card for me and bought me a flush draw so I decided to bet again - 360, my oponent calls. Now I am a bit cautious as i've been called on 2 streets and I only have 500 chips left, the pot is now 1260 (same size as last hand on the turn coincidently). The river brings Jh, I am relieved and more than likely now have the best hand. I shove my remaining 500 for value as if my oponent made 2pair on the river I may get called. I get snapped and my oponent turned over Quads! From the way the hand was played this also made sense and i'm guessing he would play a made full house the same, although I didnt think about those 2 possibilities during the hand.

I would appreciate any help and any comments.