Hi peeps,



Last night i played the HORSE freeroll and managed to bag myself a seat for the Weekly Round 2

Unfortunately I still havn't received my hand history from Pokerstars but will post some hands as soon as they come through.

I can say that I started playing pretty tight, although I got involved in all limped pots early on as it was cheap and I am confortable playing post flop. Early on there was alot of loose hyper agressive players post flop and I definetely recomend flicking through the hand history tool during the break to get a better feel for your oponents. Early on I felt making a few speculative calls to showdown in small pots helped build myself a looser player image, ready for when i rock up slightly later on, although I did move tables a few times, but it paid off in most situatons.

I remember moving to a new table and we were 3-handed due to sit outs. After I knocked out the shortstack I was Heads Up with a Hyper Agressive Deepstack, Raising every hand and 3-Betting every opening raise I made. Our first hand together that I lost - I opened a raise with KQ Diamonds and of course got 3-Bet. I decided to call as I was out of position and couldn't put my oponent on a specific hand range. ( I probably should of 4-Bet for value but decided not too). The flop was all rags with 1 Diamond, so I checked and he bet, and I called. I felt he may of missed this flop also and I possibly still have the best hand based on my oponent unless he actually 3-Bet me  with decent holdings, so I will be playing this hand quite passive, although I cannot see myself folding just yet. I binked another diamond on the turn so decided to check-call. The river was a blank nine, there were no straights or flushes out, and as I felt I had the best hand on the flop and turn, I decided to check-call the river. Unfortunately he had K9 and  got there on the end. This just shows you can do everything you feel is right but sometimes it doesnt work out. As the blinds were quite high i lost half my stack that hand, but was confident I could easily win it back later. It is important not to get tilted as these things happen, just be confident and move forward. I got a few hands soon after, JJ which i got to 4-Bet Preflop and KK to 4-Bets also, on which i won both at showdown. I also Check called him down with bottom pair on a speculative board which I fealt he didnt hit, and Ace High also, which both I won. If you feel your winning but not over confident then check-calling is definetly the best option against an oponent who bets when checked to and raises when bet into 100% of the time, if you have a 2 pair or better type hand then raise it up for value.

Middle stages of the turnament I Played pretty tight, although I picked up some blinds and antes from sit outs and tight oponents that were Heads Up when it was folded round to me. At this point I have the Tounament Lobby open next to the Table constantly checking the blinds, average chips and how many players are left. I also flicked through the players list and opened the shorterstack tables to see if they were sit out's and likely to be gone anytme soon.  I was on the same table now until the end, and it was just me and  the table chipleader that was getting involved and taking advatage of how tight the other players were playing. If you can get away with it then do it, the blinds and antes are very high at this point and they make major differences to your stack and improve your chances of winning. I've never been a fan of folding to the  money, unless theres less then 10 players to go, at which point I will be folding all hands - Unless it is folded to me on the button, or its blind on blind then i will raise any holdings.

After 4 Hours of play I have my first ticket I will be taking advantage of the Poker School Online forums and blogs, video's and posts in preporation for round 2 on the weekend. 

Well thats my first step from $0 to Hero, I will post some hands when I receive them and I value any comments. 

May i also say a special thank you to baud2death for his support, and I recommend viewing his blogs, he has alot of interesting posts that have helped me and I will definetely be readng more from him.

GL at the tables