Sorry I've been gone for so long, I've been having a hard time keeping up with that day to day grind. I've been having issues lately with a couple different things.Number one!!! lol I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. Lately I've been distaracted while playing I lost alot of money this week about $200 (thats alot for me). I don't know why the lack of focus...however I have been watching alot of videos online about different styles, different moves and when these "moves" can be made. I am really trying to bring my game to the next level. So far I've set goals and achieved them i've set my next goal and am just stryggling a little bit on my way up the latter here at pokerstars.This set-backs is just that, A SET-BACK and soon enough Ill get my bankroll back up to where I want it. After that then I'm gunna move up, "GRADUATE" if you will, from the micro to the low stakes.


Well have funand as alway

Good Luck on the Tables