So another day on the tables and I am still in the lowstakes games. I have a question for anyone who would like to answer. Does shoving preflop reduce the skill gap? What I mean by that is when playing in freerol alot of player will continuiosly shove....even with crap holdings; 2-3suited, 8-4off. By doing this, a "skilled" player's (what I like to consider myself) edge is reduced because there is no post-flop play. Does anyone agree with my statement, or disagree? Let me know, I'm interested to see people take on this.But I digress, I've not had much luck at the tables lately, these freerolls are killing me the frustration from the bad beats if almost putting me on tilt. I've managed to stay calm cool and collected this far but my patience is being tried lol.


I'm excited to see some comments on this post pleaase let me know your thought on my question.