I have just watched Markus video sesion regarding playing in fixed limit  tables. I have to say that his explanations are really staright and it gives you the chance to make yourself, as a begginer, a clue about playing in fixed limit tables. I have to say that the strategy in this tables is completly different from the no limit ones and if you start playing normal without any help you might get in the situation of loosing constantly. What I understood from the video is that in fixed limit games, especilly on a 6 players table you have to play more variety of starting hands than the no limit tables. Also he was showing really well the game, raising and calling constantly to show us the way we can ''read'' the players we are playing with. I have seen most of the decisions here are made at the turn or river not like in no limit games where a player can make a huge raise after the floop and even if you have a draw you don't consider risking a huge amount from your pot to see your draw not transofrming intoo a winning hand. Was great to see the selections of starting hands witch he made and how he played some difficult situations by '' reading '' other players hands, he was most of the time right. Well I recomand this video if you as a begginer want to start playing in fixed limit tables.

Thank you for the video Markus and good luck on the tables.