Hi everyone.


This is first blog, and first post.

So, little bit of myself.

My name are Martins. I live in Latvia - (one of the Baltic state countries) - at his capital city Riga.

I stared play poker at I think late 2009. At the beginning it wasnt nothink serious - one time in month or two deposit a 10$ and play.


My goals for this year:

1) Play as much study

2) Try to stick with bankroll size rule and accordant buy-in - move up and down when it need.3) Reach at least one big MTT FT

4) Get better on Omaha

5) Get in at least one time in Battle on planets top 10

6) Move from NL2 to NL10

7) Review hands, and post some of them for evaluation.


p.s Hope my english writing are not too bad and you can understand it.