I would like to post my thoughts on something at this school that has run out of control. That is thewhining that goes on here whenever they change something. It has gone from just annoying to flat out nauseating. Cant everyone just give the new site and the new policies a chance before you start crying that you dont like them. Ranting and raving like a bunch of 5 year olds isnt going to solve anything, so I really dont understand why it is done. I know that most of you that have voiced your displeasure dont act like this, and express your thoughts maturely, but the select few that dont ruin any message you kay have. I think it should all stop and give everything a chance. After saying all of that, I do have one small complaint. When the heck are they going to fix the sticky menu issue on the website. I had to redo this blog three times because I couldnt see what I was typing. That is all I have for now.