I  did it again today, sorry that I did not share on the boom,


anyway it was in one of the 'BIG' mtt $16.20 I think, its about the 4th level i have basically what I started with 3k. 

in the small Blind i find 

QQ, and utg +3 (10k stack aprox.)  3xbets aproxx 600 or so, the pot was prob 1k, and I shove my 3k he insta calls with AsKs

The flop: 2, 7, 9 with 1 spade feeling pretty good here figered it's about 65% -35% (I cam not good making these calculations, trying to improve on this)

turn and river is spade spade, 

So did i overplay them against the big stack? should I have just called then shove on the flop?

Does anybody else feel like people tend to over play QQ, 

What I thought after was that it was a bad play here generally the big stack is gonna call almost any 2 cards that he 3bet with. better to see what the flop brought, though he may have felt that we both missed the flop and still call my all in.

is QQ rely that strong? so easy to get called by loose play with Ace rag and King 10 etc.