Hello everyone!

I thought I was jumping in at the deep end when I was urged to begin playing poker but now that I see that blogging is involved too .... Well, I think I've jumped in at the deep end and starting sinking already! Eek! Can someone please pass me a lifejacket? Rubber ring? Anything?!

I suppose I should start my blog by introducing myself. My Pokerstars name is Aithea, I'm a 25 year old PhD student hailing from the UK. Currently researching in the field of environmental science combined with a bit of computer programming ... but I'm sure I'll be moaning about that at a later date so I'll move swiftly on. In my spare time I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, eating bloody good food, my lovely road bike (which doesn't get to see nearly enough of the UK countryside), and sampling a very wide range of cider ... /hic!

I started playing poker after I met my boyfriend. He had played professionally in the past but now, due to work commitments (he's a nurse and has to keep his qualification valid by working X hours each year), plays poker casually. After watching a few of his multi-tabling sessions I thought I would give poker a go. My first venture into NL Hold-em began at micro stakes 9-mans but I found them slow and tedious. After a few flirts with Turbo speed, I found that it was the lack of involvement, not the actual speed, that was making the game boring for me. I reduced the number of players and began my poker venture again.

I currently play $3.50 shootout and regular Heads-Up sit and gos. In the future I'd like to move up the stakes, although I have a very clear financial target in mind so my strategy to achieving that goal may change. Due to university commitments I find it extremely difficult to play a substantial amount of games and I would love to dedicate a couple of evenings a week (at least!) to purely poker. We'll see how that goes ..

2013 was a new poker start for me; I was determined to make a sustained profit. I reset my statistics on Sharkscope and here's my graph (all games included):

I know that 400 games isn't enough to comment on, but I think that posting regular updates will help me to review my progress. So we shall call this January 2013's graph! Overall I'm pretty happy with it. The 13 HU SnG win streak at ~175 games is artificial; I shouldn't be expecting to replicate that kind of form very often, I know 

My poker goals for February are to continue playing, to get involved with the Pokerstars Women's tourneys (I haven't had chance to look at these properly yet, damn), to watch some high stakes HU poker vids/learn about micro stakes HU, and to learn the poker lingo properly (Amazon/web forums - I'm looking at you!).

Hope this first blog post wasn't too mundane ... I'm a newbie but very eager to learn. Can't wait to hopefully post some updated results and be finally able to analyse my own game. Here's to constructive criticism and self-reflection, coupled with more $s!


Are you new to poker? Looking to make some friends who are new to the community too? Think you could offer me some advice? Would you like to keep each other updated on our progress? Send me a message!


The land of nod beckons! Good night everyone,