I've had a lot of great moments on Pokerstars, my first was taking down a freeroll tournament for about $600 starting my small bankroll in the right direction. It was a freeroll with about $2k in prizes and 50c rebuys. There was about 10,000 entries and 10,000 rebuys and addons. I was just a freeroller at the time so I just had the initial single entry. The tournament went on as usual as my stack began to grow until I found myself deep in the money. I just kept picking up hands. My excitement grew and grew as the final table approached. Still on the final table I kept finding hands and to my amazement I found myself allin heads up and in the lead. I was buzzing for the rest of the day, a great experience.

Since then as a trainer at PokerSchoolOnline.com I've had many more great moments in the classroom.

The most exciting moment was a great run in Event 47 of the WCOOP a $265 KO Turbo last September, eventually bubbling the final table. What made it great, aside from the money, was being able to share the moment with everyone in the training room, who was able to watch every hand and live the rollercoaster with me. Everyone held their breath as I shoved A7o from the cut-off ... and unfortunately ran into a big stack with QQ in the BB.

The most fun moment for me was a funny situation in a class amazingly enough entitled Luckboxing where in the middle of a live Turbo MTT I was dealt JJ, TT, TT, TT in consecutive hands. The atmosphere in the class was fun because I had picked up a lot of decent hands already, after the 2nd pocket pair the murmurs started. After the 3rd pocket pair in a row people couldn't believe it. When the 4th pocket pair dropped the chatbox in the class went crazy. It was been talked about many times since and I always enjoy remembering.

This year is the first time I will try to play in the WBCOOP and it looks very fun. I think I will be trying some of the non-Holdem events. Particularly PLO8 and Razz as I enjoy these formats alot especially in large fields Hopefully I will be able to create some more great moments and share some of them in the classroom.

If you haven't been along to live training be sure to check it out here, or the many videos in the archive. There are lots of great trainers to learn from and you never know when you might witness another special moment on Pokerstars

Good Luck to those playing the WBCOOP.