I thought I'd post up a summary of the Bankroll Builder grind here.

Challenge Goals
•Grinding $5 up to $100
•Explore each game format in Live Training
•Develop a risk free BR program

Bankroll Challenge Rules

Base Level  : —25c 45man
Base Level —: 25c 90man
Over $10 —: 50c 45man Turbo (20x)
Over $15 —: 50c 90man Turbo (30x)
Over $20 —: $1 45man (20x)
Over $35 —: $1 90man Turbo (35x)
Over $45 —: $1.50 45man Turbo (30x)
Over $45 —: $1.50 90man KO (30x)
Over $50 —: $2.20 Sunday Storm Satellite (2)
Over $75 —: $2.50 90man (30x)


I had a ton of fun doing this series, really liked the goals. I got very lucky in a hitting a winning streak and maintaining it. Which allowed us to move ahead through the levels quickly focusing on a new game format each week.
The videos of the recorded session will be available in my videos archive here http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Live-training-videos-ahar010

I hit the $100 target after 71 games. The graph below is colour coded for each level of games.


The final stats were :
71 games played
ITM 34% (24 cashes)
ROI 161% ($99.97 profit from $63.50 buyins, including $6.06 rake)

6 1st place finishes (8.5%)
5 2nd place finishes (7%)
4 3rd place finishes (5.5%)
For 21% top 3 finishes

I'm really happy with the results and happy to beat my previous mark of 130 games.

I'll be updating any futures challenges on Twitter @ahar010

Also big thanks to those that attended the live training sessions and made them enjoyable to me.