Still looking for formats to play than the 45 & 90man regular speed games. I thought I would take a crack at turbos. Initially I was put off by the turbo structure seemingly making it impossible to play the super TAG strategy I had previously adopted for the regular speed games. But fundamentally I knew the games were beatable and adapting my game to increase aggression or any other tweaks I would need to make I think could help my overall game.

Also dropping back to the 50c level. I didn't want to get stuck playing 50c for a prolonged period of time. I figured I would start with a bankroll that gave me a reasonable chance at my beginning buyin level. But I would move up in stakes very aggressivly with my profits, and not maintain my original multiplier. My reason for doing this is I wanted to move up as fast as possible, but wasn't looking to maintain the bankroll progressig upwards. Just wanted to play a variety of games, and reassess afterwards.

Bankroll Challenge Rules

  •  Start with a $10 bankroll.
  •  Play 50c 45 & 90man turbos
  •  Move up levels with 10% of profits ie ($10 profit I can play a $1 game)
  •  Play 3 months of turbos

Challenge Goals

  •  Profit

I like the $$$s

  •  Still looking for value in the shorter formats

See if I can maintain a reasonable ROI in the turbo games

  •  Learn to increase aggression

Learn the differences between turbo and regular speed. Adjust my game under certain circumstances to increase aggression.


I must say I really enjoyed this BR challenge. I didn't stick 100% to turbos. But I did really enjoy playing the turbos. A few of my suspicions were confirmed. They do play pretty loose and there is alot more gamble. But they were definately beatable. Understandably lower ITM & ROI than regular speed, but so very quick and exciting to play.

I started off my challenge with the 45man turbos. I did drop down to 10 buyins at one point, proving the 20x multipler to begin with was very aggressive. It took around 70 games to string 2 2nd place finishes together and grind up to the $10 mark, where I took a few shots at the $1 non turbo games until winning one. I then focused on the 90man games, mixing levels 50c & $1, hopefully to get a decent samplesize and feel for each level.

I took one shot at a $3.50 45man and won it. But looking at the standard of play and the number of regulars, the ROI of these games would be considerable less and didn't look too attractive to me. I also took the oppurtunity within the BR guidelines to play a few $6 45 mans with a cash pushing the profit up to the $100 level.

So in summary I was very happy with the turbos at the lower stakes, but found the level of competition increased very fast. And I would look to continue in the regaulr speed games as I move up in stakes.