After having a look at the 45 & 90man SnGs I was interested to have a look at some other shorter formats. The Fifty50s were a new addition to PokerStars at the time and I liked the look of them but was aware there tended to be quite a high number of grinders at the old DON formats.

Bankroll Challenge Rules
  • Start with a $20 bankroll.
  • Play $1.11 Non-Turbo Fifty50s.
  • Play till I clear my pending bonus or till bust the roll.
Challenge Goals
  • Profit
I like the $$$s
  • Look for value in the shorter STT format of Fifty50
Find a shorter format of game that still returns a nice ROI vs the 45 & 90man SnGs
  • Clear my pending bonus
I had a bonus still needing to be cleared from my last deposit (Using the pokerschool1 code :wink:


I managed to get through 218 games and clear my bonus. But my results were very mixed, I went through a number of small upswings and downswings. Ranging from being up 10 buyins to down 3 buyins.

I achieved 64% ITM at the end of the month. But this only produced a ROI of 1.6%. This also worked out to $4 profit vs $24 paid in rake. While a relatively good way to generated VPPs and clear bonuses I didn't feel they gave a good return on the time investment of playing them. Looking up stats on other regs I saw in the games kinda confirmed this for me.

Reflecting on the goals for the challenge I felt I only really achieved the one. I sunk alot of time into this challenge with little return and finding out that this game format is probably not what I'm looking for.

But you can't win them all