My second bankroll challenge started right after my first. With the intention to build on what I had learnt and move up in stakes. I had the idea of continuing to move up the buyin levels, again playing a mix of 45 & 90 man games.


Bankroll Challenge Rules
  •  Start with a $30 bankroll
  •  Play till I triple or bust the roll.
  •  BR > $60 - $2.20 90mans are available
  •  BR > $40 - $1.40 KO 90mans are available
  •  BR > $20 - $1.10 or $1.20 (or 50c PCA Sats) 45 or 90mans
  •  BR > $10 - Mix in 25c games at a ratio of 2:1
  •  BR > $5  - Mix in 25c games at a ratio of 4:1
  •  BR < $5  - Play only 25c games.

Bankroll Goals

  • Profit.

Continue to build a nice bank roll. Work myself up towards $2 level of buyins.

  • Master.

Build upon what I've learnt in the 25c games to master higher buyins levels.

  • Reduce Risk.

Develop a bankroll system to allow me to continue to move up buyins levels.


I had a very rocky start with the 45mans, I found myself bubbling alot and with hind sight running into a bit of downswing variance.

I dropped down to the 25c games a few times at the begining with my 45man downswing to maintain bankroll and confidence.

I eventually came through in the 90mans and after 2 1/2 months and 82 games I took 2nd place in my first $2.20 90man to hit the bankroll target.

I was still a little unsure with the 45man game, and was looking for games that would be a bit shorter than the 90man non-turbos. So I decided to postpone grinding up the buyin levels any further and explore other game formats.

I was happy with the bankroll rules I had developed though. I found it dealt well with the downswing I experienced and allowed me to continue playing to eventually break through it and score a couple of nice wins.