Bankroll Challenges

Bankroll challenges are an interesting way to try out new game types and formats. The idea is to pick a target game, give yourself a reasonable starting bankroll and see if you can grind it up. Your starting roll does not need to be your entire bankroll, it just needs to be something relevant to the games you are playing.

So my first bankroll challenge was back in Nov 2010. It was my first forray into Sit n Go's, I had primarly been a MTT player with a skill in min cashing ... alot . I hated playing less than a fullring because those pesky blinds kept coming around.

My first challenge was the 25c SnGs which were the cheapest available. Playing a mix of the 45 & 90 man formats I gave myself 20 buyins just to find out if I can win at this game or not.
I picked up a coach to review a little of my play. I was generally playing pretty tight already which I think is in itself enough to beat the micro SnG & MTT. But my coach added the aggression and short handed play I was lacking to become a very successful TAG player at this level.

Bankroll Challenge Rules

  • Start with a 20 buyin bankroll ($5)
  • Play a mix of 45 & 90 man 25c SnGs
  • Play till I triple or bust the roll.


Bankroll Challenge Goals

  • Profit.

Over a reasonable sample size be a successful and profitable SnG player at this level

  • Learn.

Learn SnG strategy. Play both 45 & 90 man games and decide which suits my playing style best


I succeeded in both goals. I made a nice little profit. I got to know SnGs. I definately learnt SnG strategy and improved my game. Despite my results I decide I like 90mans best. There were more people making more mistakes, which leads to better and more consistant profits I felt. I also thought running deep was better rewarded.