There have been tons of question in live training sessions and around the forums about BankRoll Management. This is a good thing as it's very important in continuing to play good poker. No matter how good you can play and how much you can dominate the game you are playing, sometimes the cards will not go your way.

In saying BankRoll Management is very important there is still no golden rule set in stone as to what you must follow. It will be different for everyone. I can offer my experience, I can offer my BR rules. But best of all is to understand the concepts and apply them to your situation and your game.

Example A :
For some people a bankroll might be a $10 deposit from yesterday. They don't mind reloading in a weeks time if things don't go their way.

Example B:
Someone doesn't feel comfortable depositing and has ground out a $25 bankroll over a year playing freerolls and some micro stakes.

These two examples are obviously polar opposites. Player A may decide to use an aggresive 10x multiplier. Meaning they will play up to $1 games with a $10 roll and $2 games with a $20 roll. This person may understand that they will go bust once in a while and will have to start again. But they are happy with this risk and reward.
Player B cannot afford to go bust. they may decide on a very conservative 50x multiplier. They will play 50c games with a $25 roll and $1 games with a $50 roll. It is slow going but very unlikely to bust.

Also you should review your BR rules frequently depending on the games you are playing. Player A may use a 10 multiplier until their roll hits $50 then decide $50 is too much to gamble with and adjust their rules to a 20x multiplier at that point.

It also depends on game type. How often do you cash? How often do you go deep.
Someone might use the following rules :

  • 45man - 15x multiplier
  • 90man - 20x multiplier
  • MTT - 30x multiplier
  • 45man Turbos - 20x multiplier
  • 90man Turbos - 30x multiplier
  • 180man Turbos - 40x multiplier
  • MTT Turbos - 50x multiplier

Another alternative is to give yourself BR challenges. Set yourself a challenge at a particular type of game with a portion of your total bankroll. You can run several of these at once. It's also a great way to expand you game types without risking your entire roll.

I will post some of my past & current BR challenges here over the next couple of weeks

Thanks for reading! Good luck at your tables! Andrew